Alexis is our General Partner based in Berlin. He seized the opportunity of German reunification to be at the forefront of the economic transformation in East Germany. He has significant experience as a management consultant from his work at PwC and KPMG as well as a venture capital investor. At T-Venture, Deutsche Telekom’s €300 million corporate venture fund, Alexis managed six investments directly as well as T-Venture’s LP positions in Amadeus Capital Partners’ and Technologieholding’s funds. Since his first investment in wind farms in 1996, Alexis has been an early-stage investor in and board member of many innovative green technology companies including his time as a partner of the €100 million Entrepreneurs’ Fund in London. Alexis is also a recognised expert in the Circular Economy and has several publications to his name. His academic background covers Computer Science, Economics and Sustainability Management from institutions in the UK and Germany as well as Business Administration from ESCP Europe.


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