Sustainability Investors (previously Wetherby Capital) is an independent, management-owned firm specialising in providing capital and advice to entrepreneurial companies offering sustainability solutions to larger companies and government agencies. We know there is already a large market in Europe and beyond, and we see it growing strongly during the 2020s. Our team has pursued this investment strategy for over a decade in various guises and we have between us many prior decades of relevant experience gathered at blue-chip financial institutions and innovative technology companies.

Sustainability is at the heart of our strategy. We generate positive, measurable environmental and social impact as well as financial returns on investment. The world economy has never been more interconnected and interdependent, particularly through extended global supply chains. This leaves it vulnerable to threats like global warming and viral pandemics. Governments and corporations worldwide are adjusting their risk management frameworks accordingly as they plan to “build back better” from the Covid-19 pandemic. Most companies increasingly recognise the global threats posed to their businesses by environmental crises and pandemics are interconnected and they therefore urgently need to transition to much greater sustainability and thereby resilience. We believe sustainability solutions from small and medium-sized enterprises targeting positive impact are very likely to be increasingly in demand during the 2020s and beyond.

Sustainability Investors seek to partner with, advise and invest in privately owned and entrepreneurially managed companies that have developed technology-based products or services providing sustainability solutions with strongly positive environmental as well as social and governance (ESG) impact. Typically, such companies would have already achieved the proof-of-concept for the technology on which they plan to base their business and are now seeking capital to scale up and become a sustainably cashflow positive business. Our goal is to help such companies simultaneously to achieve their positive environmental impact goals and their full growth potential. We value strong and measurably positive impacts on air, soil, water, and human health as much as we value high financial returns. We take a holistic approach to resolving the negative pressure on natural resources while enhancing economic sustainability and ultimately resilience.

We also advise companies on their strategic challenges including fundraising, mergers & acquisitions, sinternationalisation of operations, and ESG impact, whether we are already shareholders in the company or not. Our extensive international network, for example, enables us to match our companies up with the most appropriate debt and third-party equity investors.


Our team has many decades of complementary experience in private equity, venture capital, corporate strategy, mergers & acquisitions, corporate finance, corporate governance, project and infrastructure finance, receivables financing, structured finance and intellectual property. We also have extensive experience as SME board directors, as senior managers of large corporations, as partners of investment funds, and as members of investment committees and supervisory bodies, all setting strategy and governance while taking informed and balanced collective decisions.

As a result, the team has the specific expertise and powerful networks to identify, source and secure proprietary investment opportunities and to create value for portfolio companies through its access to talent, market information, managerial talent and new business development opportunities.

Sustainability Investors provide not just equity solutions, but also the necessary support to help its portfolio companies fulfil their growth potential while delivering verifiable impact on the environment, society and the economy.



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